Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Now that the postal strike is over (yay) I am finally receiving mail again (double yay!). Before the strike happened I had ordered a whole bunch of stuff off the internet and I am so thrilled that it is finally trickling in! Sure I am aware that when I order handmade goodies from across the globe they aren't going to arrive instantly, but when I ordered a skirt from Hong Kong in the beginning of May I didn't expect it to take until July to arrive. Mind you, the weather hasn't been very summery and cooperative this season so maybe it is a good thing it took its time because I am finally able to wear it! Hooray!

Another awesome part of online buying (besides the comfort of at home pj browsing) is that once your mail arrives (also an amazing feeling) you sometimes get the unique pleasure of seeing what cool stamps other countries use! Check out these rad bird ones from my skirt package:

Aren't they neat? I mean check out that owl! Oh my! It is like five little pieces of art happily attached to the corner of the envelope! Doesn't it make you wish you collected stamps? I have a collection going back in about 1992 but it has lost momentum since then. Luckily my wonderful mom is still an avid stamp collector so I will have to pass these avian beauties onto her!

I think animals are my favourite stamp subject matter and I'm really loving the stamps Canada Post is currently selling for US, oversize, and international packages:

Aww. Aren't those cute little foxes, ducklings, and baby polar bears just darling? They are certainly a step up from the boring olympics logo ones I still have a million of for within Canada letters. Note to self (and you if you are a Canadian stamp buyer): do not buy a roll of 100 stamps. Sure they seem like a good deal at the time but then you are stuck with them for 100 letters. Trust me, you'll get bored of them before the roll is empty and will be wishing you splurged the few cents to have a little more variety.

So what do you think? What are your favourite stamp themes? Do you collect them? Don't you just love neat stamps on mail? Heck - while we're at it does anyone out there want a new penpal? My pen pals are all failing me at the moment (except for Edwin. He's doing a great job) and I'm always up for some new letter writing friends! Let me know! I'll get my pen ready...


  1. i AM failing you! And I can't blame it on the postal strike anymore! I have no idea what to write, though...

  2. Summer is a hard time to be a pen pal. There's just so much going on outside! I think pen palling works best with tea and blustery weather. Unless you take your stationery to the beach, I guess. I have been known to do that, and I almost always send postcards when on vacation. Speaking of which, I just got the one you sent me from Alcatraz. Are there any more from that two-months-ago trip that I should be expecting?

  3. I love stamps and I got some wonderful ones from your Grandma Jean. They are English so very nice and old. My Grandma used to save stamps for me. Ah, the good??? old days. I don't think that I would want to go back except I wish I had my Grandma's "Mister Peanut" salt and pepper shakers.

  4. I don't collect stamps but I love them- especially from overseas! I bet you have some really neat ones, and I totally understand about being impatient for the good mail to start rolling in!

  5. I enjoy the idea of William and Kate escorting my post.