Saturday, February 4, 2012

science lolz

Happy caturday lovely blog readers! I keep telling Fraser how much we need a kitten in our lives. I mean, sure he is very allergic and we aren't actually allowed pets in our building, but think of the blogging possibilities! I could name him Carl, make ridiculous crafted costumes for him he would totally hate, pretend he is our feline child, and pretty much spend my spare time squeeling over his fluffy little belly while following him around with a camera! Sounds like a dream doesn't it? No? Shucks. Oh well, in the mean time we'll stick to some very helpful science themed lol catz:

*Eeee!* So cute!!! I think sticking to the pictures may be best for now. I can get my own dose of fuzz therapy without inflicting allergic reactions and having to deal with the reality of litter boxes, claws on furniture, or an ungodly amount of hair everywhere. What do you think? Don't you just want to pick up convex and concave kitties and snuggle them?


  1. You can't beat kittens for being cute. My lovely Percy is busy meowing me! If only he could tell me what he wants! He is still cute but mean.

  2. Those kitties are awfully darn adorable! You're right about the bad parts of cats. I don't think having cat fur on everything I own is worth having one as a pet - especially if someone is allergic. Maybe you could get one of those hairless ones as a fur baby and call it Karl. With a K. Carls with a C aren't as cool. Or should I say Kool!

  3. Squee! They are so cute!! ^_^ I'm not allowed to have pets either and so I'm kinda holding out for when the pet robots are advanced enough to not be so creepy ~_^

  4. Have you seen/heard of chemistry cat? Its basically lol cats + science jokes.
    or just search pinterest for 'chemistry cat' and you'll find tons :)