Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recipe: The best veggie side dish (ever!)

When my Uncle and Mom came to visit we had a whole bunch of delicious home cooked meals and my most favourite discovery of the weekend was making leeks! Although I have been a leek soup fan for many years, I had never ventured into cooking them as a side dish and once I realized how simple it was, I was hooked! Take a peek at the marvelous veggie goodness:

Nummers! Now onto the recipe:


- organic carrots (they are by far more tasty!)
- leeks (I usually use two)
- parsley
- a little dab of butter


1. Peel and slice a few carrots (I usually do about 3 or 4) and put them in a large pot

2. Fill the pot with enough water to cover the carrots (and be about 1 inch above) and get them cooking!

3. Start cleaning and slicing the leeks! Slice off the tough dark green bits at the top of the leek and then I usually slice the leek down the center. This lets you wash away any bits of dirt in each delicious layer of leek! I then slice the leek into about 1/2 inch pieces

4. Check on the carrots and see that they are getting cooked, then add the leeks to the pot. Make sure to close the lid so the steam stays in there to cook the leek that may not be covered with water

5. Start cleaning the parsley. Once you remove any long stems or yellow bits chop the parsley up into tiny little bits! Chop chop!

6. Check on your pot of veggies. With my slow cutting skills they are usually done at this point, so I drain the water out of the pot (but make sure your carrots are tender enough to easily be poked with a fork)

7. Mix in the parsley and a dab of butter and mix it all up!

8. Tada! Enjoy!

Okay, so it may not be the most difficult of eight steps, but trust me, this is an amazing dish! The leeks taste super buttery and flavourful and the carrots and parsley compliment it wonderfully. I've even had it sans the butter and it was still amazing (but butter does tend to make things better)! Yum! What do you think? Are you a leek fan?


  1. They sound yummy. I must grow some again this year. What you must have is a trench to plant them in. Then you have to cover them up as they grow (so they are nice and tender.)

  2. Didn't you post about this already, or was that on facebook? Totally yummers!