Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't take any wooden....mushrooms?

As you all probably know by this point, I am in love with quick little craft projects! Nothing perks up the day like a craft you can execute and complete in a matter of hours to peel away all those negative thoughts of procrastination and give yourself some solid crafty confidence! Well here is one quick little tutorial I am dying to try from Stelabird - wooden mushrooms!:

Aren't they cute? All you need are some wood split balls and candle cups, a little dab of glue, and some paints! Perfect! I think these little guys would be great in a terrarium (perhaps to keep my dinosaurs company?) or equally darling on a shelf or bookcase. Heck - we could even throw some little wide set eye smiles on there and have a 3D version of my amanita mushroom pin! Yipee! Looks like the craft store is calling to me...

In other fabulous news, Sarra, Heather, Cindy, and Lindsay are coming to visit me this weekend! Looks like Fraser is going to be overloaded with ladies in the apartment for a while and I will be overwhelmed with joy! Hurrah! Hey, maybe they will be craving a little wood mushroom making and we can make a weekend of it! What do you think?


  1. These are super cute! I totally think you should have a mushroom crafting weekend - it will be something sweet for you and your friends to remember a sure-to-be awesome visit by! ^_^

  2. Have fun!! I'll be thinking of you. Mom

  3. Lovely! These would be great toys for a little kid, too. Have fun this weekend!

  4. Awesome! Great inspiration for sure! I just want to make a tiny village of little wooden mushrooms now:)