Sunday, February 26, 2012

February photo a day 19-25

Woo woo! The instagram photo challenge continues! Let's check out another week of pictures:

Day 19 - "something you hate to do" - It took me a while to decide on something I could photograph that I don't like...but as soon as the T4s started showing up it was easy. Boo to tax season (and unpacking):

Day 20 - "handwriting" - I contemplated writing something out that was nice for this one, but then went for my natural not so neat printing instead. Yay five year one sentence journal to the rescue:

Day 21 - "a fave photo of you" - This one was taken by Jim when we went to Nelson for my birthday many moons ago. I like it even more with Instagram filters!

Day 22 - "where you work" - So I attempted to put some impact into this one. I work at starbucks, but I also work from here is the sbux siren mug in my living room (actually from my spot on the couch where I spend the majority of my time crafting!):

Day 23 - "your shoes" - The ladies came on the 23rd so I pre took this one during the week while I was spending some time jumping in the rain puddles in my rain boots.
Day 24 - "inside your bathroom cabinet" - My bathroom cabinet is really more of a drawer...

Day 25 - "green" - I really love this one. We went to fisherman's wharf to get fish and chips and do a little stand by sealing. There was an old VW bus with a mossy bra on the front of it and I thought it was super artsy and neat! Hooray! Moss!

Woo! So I've decided I'm going to skip out on the March challenge so I will be extra excited about doing it again in April (and don't risk getting sick and tired of it). Good idea yes? One more week to go! Which is your favourite?


  1. I think the boots are my favourite - but where are the legwarmers? I need a picture of those, since I've never seen them on you!

  2. I do love the mossy bra. Although all of them are wonderful.

  3. Okay, the background for the mug shot, and your bathroom drawer...your cleanliness and organizing skill is inspiring in itself!
    Great photos, my favorite is the drawer.