Thursday, February 16, 2012

how does your (herb) garden grow?

This xmas I got two herb garden kits given to me. It actually turned out to be a perfect match of gifts since the first kit had six seed packets and both had three pots! Hooray! I germinated five of the six seed packages in wet paper towel in hopes to give them an extra good chance at survival and planted them a week or so ago into their pots. I decided to opt on on starting the "sweet marjoram" since I've never used that herb (and actually have never heard of it) so I picked up a mint plant for the sixth pot. Unlike many of my plant adventures, this one seems to be going quite well so far (uh oh, hope I didn't just jinx myself) and I have quite a few sprouts! The most overachieving of the herbs I started seems to be cilantro so far with loads of sprouts popping up:

The mint is growing like crazy, which is to be expected, since I have been paying particular attention to their watering schedule and making sure they get loads of light:

Parsley is also sprouting up a storm and although I will surely have to thin this one a bit I thought I'd let it go for a while yet:

Next we've got the Chia pots, which seem to be a bit slower growing than the lee valley trio. In the first pot I've got dill (with a few cute little green sprouts coming up):

followed by chives and basil:

According to the package the chives and basil take longer to grow so it is to be expected that they haven't shown much growth, so I'm remaining hopeful! I am especially enjoying watching the herbs obvious love of sunlight as they stretch out to soak it all in:

Hehe! It sort of reminds me of a cat laying in the one little sun patch on the floor and since I'm cat-less these herbs are doing a great job of filling the void! Grow little herbs grow! How about you? Have you ever grown your own indoor herb garden? What varieties would you chose to grow?


  1. Parsley reminds me of the top of a balding mans head...slight comb over... Oh hey, on week. pow pow.

  2. your herbs look good and I am sure when the weather is nice they would like to be outside. I think you start them slowly outside, an hour here and there or look it up on the internet. Mom's not so sage advice! Hey, I made a pun "sage".
    Love mom

  3. Chive heard your mom's sage advise, basil googling it mint be best. Cilantro know how it turns out!

  4. lol, good thing I already like you Lindsay cuz you're pretty weird... Kate. we are expected to be to your house at this time in a week! YAY!

  5. Awesome puns, all! Ok, so these are awesome. It's possible that the-person-who-shall-remain-unnamed who gave you the lee valley pots also bought some for herself-who-shall-remain-unnamed and that I've planted basil, thai basil, and cilantro in them, though actually I'm still in the paper towel germination stage. Maybe I'll, err, she-etc-unnamed will put them in the soil today!

  6. Question!!! Are the stems so long because the herbs have limited sun light; making them stretch longer in search of sun??

  7. Question!!! Are the stems so long because the herbs have limited sun light; making them stretch longer in search of sun??

    1. I think you're right Shola! Limited sunlight really made those herbs reach for their dose of light!