Sunday, February 5, 2012

Instagram Photo A Day Challenge!

As I continue to explore new apps on my iPhone, I decided to jump on the Instagram bandwagon. If you aren't sure what Intragram is, not to worry, until a few weeks ago I had no clue either. It is yet another social networking program that allows you to share pictures you take on your iPhone (and then link them onto twitter and facebook)! Sounds easy enough right? Well once installing the app I've been loving checking out my fellow bloggers and crafters (and real life friends') snapshots of their daily activities and commenting on what everyone is up to!

I am also quite excited to be able to take part in some of the blogging world's intagram challenges and figured since February is such a short month it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out! Plus I do love taking pictures and the ease and simplicity of my camera phone makes the challenge all that much more appealing! Check out the list of challenge images Fat Mum Slim set up for everyone for the month:

Doesn't it look like fun? I've been sharing my photos on twitter and thought I'd do a weekly recap here on the blog too! Let's take a peek back at my first four days of the February photo a day challenge.

Day 1 - "your view today" = Fraser cooking us up a delicious meal! Yum!

Day 2 - "Words" = The silly slogan that was written in our neighbourhood watch flyer. Watch out for spam!

Day 3 - "Hands" = the ceramic jewelry stand hand on my dresser. I thought about taking a picture of my own hands but they were pretty beat up and sharpied from a week of work so I figured I'd do for an alternative approach (plus the morning sun shining in is always lovely!)

Day 4 - "Stranger" = A little old man sitting in the sun outside the laundromat. Since Fraser and I live in pretty much a retirement condo old people are at a premium! When I went for a walk Saturday morning I figured I'd be sure to run into someone worth photographing and this guy seemed extra charming. When I showed Fras the pic, he said he is pretty sure he lives in our building too...

Mmm sunshine! I'll have to save today's photo for next week's recap since it is only 7am and I have to wait for 10am to take one! Anyone else taking part in the challenge? What do you think of it?


  1. It is too cold in the basement to write anything long. BRRRRRRR Mom

  2. I love the hand photo! I need to keep my jewellery as organised as you! ^_^

  3. Can I just say that the "words" picture includes the MOST RIDICULOUS spam/phishing/social engineering I've ever seen? This tops anything to come out of Nigeria, that's for sure.