Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Find: Lova Revolutionary

With hearts polluting the love filled month of February it is no surprise that I fell for the darling hand stitched polka dot loveliness of this heart brooch from Lova Revolutionary:

Oh! How wonderful! Under further inspection - Jodie's etsy shop is a perfect match for me! Seriously - felt, cuteness, embroidery hoops, yetis, acorns, and owls! Oh my! Take a peek:

Yup - she's a crafter of my own heart. I guess it is possible that many people love these things and we're both just part of the handmade masses - but I like to think I have some limited uniqueness to my tastes. What about you? What do you think?


  1. Wow! She sure does have your number! Of course, I love the owls. And she does yetis cute but different from yours. Mom

  2. Those owls are AMAZING! Are they phone holders or something? Did you know that my birthday is next month? That mobile with the acorn and fawn is pretty amazing too. I'd like to make something like that for Jean's window. Maybe you could recommend a good felt supplier again. I'd like to see a post on that, actually. As well as on your baby herb garden!

  3. Hi Kate!

    Thanks so much for the feature! Your shop is absolutely adorable as well! I love your super cute kawaii style! The owls are phone holders made to fit any type of smart phone! I'm not sure what type of felt Kate uses but I prefer Ecospun felt by Kunin - it's available at most of the majors Joann's & Micheal's.

    Thanks again!


  4. Those owls are adorable!! Her stuff is all very cute actually, but so is yours, and you both definitely have your own style ^_^