Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Walls

Once again How about Orange wows me with an amazingly wonderful round up for tutorials! This time they're linking to budget friendly wall art tutorials and since moving last September, this is one subject area I am all about! Take a peek:

It may be that beautiful vintage hutch talking, but that one on the bottom right hand corner is to die for! Seriously - I could only dream of having a spot in my house that is that gorgeous and those slices of tree branch look spectacular! Did you spot that vase full of billy balls in there too? I blogged about making those ages ago (link) so clearly that DIY is calling to me! Ah! I'm in love! What is your favourite art piece of the four? What kind of stuff do you have hanging around your home? Any tips for some low cost art coverings?


  1. OOO I like the one with the wooden circles!! Plus you already have the billy balls in a similar looking vase so you could totally recreate this look at your house!

  2. I love the wooden circles as well. In our house we have lots of black and white photos, and a few paintings, but nothing that's as dramatic as these. Maybe I'll have to try it out now that we actually own a place!

  3. I like the wooden circles ... but that hutch really does set it off! Love it ^_^

    I used to work in a shop that shared a service alley with a fancy clothing shop, so quite a few of my wall coverings are literally things stolen from the rubbish pile! (It's a bit embarrassing to admit that on the internet!) One of my favourite things is a big white piece of wood that I *think* they used as a table top; I put nails in the back, ran wire across the front (wrapped around the nails to hold it in place), and got some vintage clips - and now it is a changing display of postcards and greeting cards and other things with nice pictures. It leans against the wall and takes up a lot of room, and I quite like it!

    So I guess the moral is here to not to walk past other people's trash without seeing if there is some treasure for you! ~_^