Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chevron Thread holder DIY

I do love myself some good chevron, so it is no surprise that when I saw this amazing DIY chevron spool holder from Craptastic Katie (great blog name!) I fell in love:

It love the simple graphic design of the chevron stripes and the wonderful organization usefulness as a thread holder! It would certainly make an awesome addition to my craft room wall if you ask me. In all honesty, when we moved to Victoria I contemplated buying a wooden spool holder to use in the craft room (since I actually have space to do sewing now) but was quickly off put by their ridiculously high price tag. Seriously? It's just a little pine and dowels - I don't see why they are so costly. Good thing I didn't give in to temptation, now I can make my own much trendier chevron addition! Hooray! What do you think? How do you organize your thread?


  1. I don't organize my thread at all! I just lose it and then go buy new stuff every time. Yeah. I suck.

    I love the blog name, too! Toss a comma in there (Craptastic, Katie) and it's what your mean older sister has been saying about stuff you suggest for decades. Not lately, though...

    Do you have visitors yet? Hope it's going well!

  2. Oh gosh, I love this so much! My threads are all in a big jar, which actually works quite well when I want to stitch on the go. But I want to make one of these to hang jewellery from! I am thinking some little hooks on this would be perfect to organise my brooches ^_^