Thursday, February 2, 2012


Christmas may have been months ago, but *shhh*, please don't tell my xmas cactus since he's finally decided to re-bloom! My never ending battle of attempting to keep plants alive continues and I am so happy to announce progress in the pink blossom department! Just check out those bright pops of fuchsia:

Oh ho ho! What a proud parent I am! The shorter days and less sunlight has done wonders for this little guy and has finally started to blossom. It's been a bit of a rocky road with this one since I seem to constantly completely neglect him (and then he withers and droops) and then once I finally get around to noticing I panic and over water. Yes, I am well aware of my house plant flaws, but maybe one day I will learn!

For now I will enjoy my successes - and hypothesize that this guy's happiness on his post-xmas relocation. He started out on a side table pretty far away from the window and (generally) out of my field of view. Once the decorations came down and the tree was bagged and back in the storage locker, I moved him to the bookshelf were the tree was. Apparently that was a great plan since I paid much more attention to him (and watered him whenever he got mope-y) and gave him a smidge more daylight. Hooray! Sweet happy plant pink reward ensued:

Yay! As you can see there are still a few more blossoms ready to pop before he reaches his full glory like he did last year:

Yippee! Now we just need to fast forward a few decades to when he is (hopefully) still alive and greeting me with winter month blooms! I figure it is yet another step in my gradual transformation into a grandma. I guess I've got a ways to go yet...but at least I have the tea and doilies covered....


  1. So pretty! Flowering cacti are lovely, aren't they? ^_^

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who floods their house plants.

  3. I wish my Christmas cactus looked half as good as yours does. I'll try moving it around. Keep your fingers crossed. Mom

  4. I'll try moving mine too. It's made up of three plants, so I get white, red, and pink blooms!

    Oh, and you've got way more doilies than EITHER of our Grandmas ever had (combined!). I'll bet Jean grows up thinking that Aunties are ladies who have lots of doilies, like non-impact yoga, buy the coolest toys ever, and drink lots of tea. And she'll think Grandmas are ladies who like playing Neopets online.