Saturday, February 18, 2012

RIP Henry

As you may recall, I went on quite the terrarium craze last year. After collecting a few glass jars and moss samples I got around to planting them and adding their own plastic dinos for good measure! My sister was lovely enough to give me the mother of all terrariums for my birthday last year and inside was my new fly eating pal Henry:

Well sad news I'm afraid. Henry has passed and now I've got a barely surviving moss collection that is being over run by weeds:

Oh dear! At least that dinosaur still looks pretty happy! I actually think I might revamp my mossy loves this spring since I am now living in a city that is covered with moss! How exciting! Looks like I need to go one some walks around the city with a butter knife and a ziplock. Fraser even told me about free nature walks run by the city that teach you about all the different kinds of mosses around! Isn't that the coolest? Perhaps next time I do a terrarium plant update I'll be overflowing with moss species knowledge to share! Haha! So long Henry - you were fun while you lasted - time to make room for some new moss! What do you think?


  1. Oh dear :( Poor Henry. They always die though - I don't know how anyone keeps them alive. I'm kind of surprised to see how dead the moss looks considering that you live somewhere moist. I'd have clicked unfortunate (because poor Henry died), but the dino cheers me up!

  2. I think that dinosaur looks a little too happy... I'll be keeping an eye on him.


  3. Poor Henry ; _ ; Still, at least you can easily get some pretty moss! (I need to find a good moss location in my city ...)