Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swap Fail and Lindsay Win

About a month ago I signed up for Oh Strumpet's Valentine's Craft Swap. I was thrilled to meet a new crafty friend and exchange crafts in the mail! Unfortunately my partner totally crapped out on me. I emailed her twice and got one reply saying, "sorry I'm busy I'll email you later today." Yup, didn't happen...so no valentine craft swap for me. Alas.

I decided I would vicariously celebrate the Valentine swap with Lindsay since she was lucky enough to have a partner who was up for the swap (which makes me wonder why my partner signed up in the first place...)! Anyways, I heard all about the fun things Lindsay was going to make and to my surprise - I got a Valentine's parcel in the mail! Yay! Lindsay made an extra craft just for me and my failed swap! Take a peek:

Isn't that fabric beautiful? Are you wondering what it is? Take another look:

Yay! My very own machine washable reusable snack pouch! Isn't that brilliant? I love carrying almonds around with me in my purse and my little ziplocks always end up wearing out and spilling nuts everywhere. No more spilled nuts in my future! I've got a lovely cotton velcro pouch to hold them in. I think it is lined with diaper lining (or something with a little bit of stain and moisture resistance) to give it a bit more staying power. Ahha! How lovely! Lindsay also made some beyond wonderful rosemary and fig walnuts to snack on but I devoured those before giving them a chance to get at home in the pouch (and before I could take a picture). Isn't she the best? I certainly think so! So it turned into a wonderful Valentine's after all! Hooray! What are your plans for the day?


  1. Hurrah for Lindsay! I would image it is lined with diaper liner. I still have some left over from making Jean diapers. I will now have to think of new ways to use it up. Mom

  2. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME! If you can't follow through, you shouldn't sign up! (Take me, for example. I didn't sign up because I knew I either wouldn't finish or would come up with something lame at the last minute).

    Luckily Lindsay came through! I hope you get a guilt-ridden super awesome belated swap in the mail from your lame-o swap partner :(

  3. Wow, that is totally lame on the swap fail! But what a nice positive note that the snack pouch is so perfect!

  4. Oh, that sucks that your swap partner didn't come through ; _ ;

    Still, your snack bag is very nice! And rosemary and fig walnuts sound pretty awesome too ^_^