Thursday, February 9, 2012

Squares in progress!

I'm still working away on my craft project and I thought I'd take a moment to let you in on what I've been doing! Granny squares! Yay! And unlike the one colour granny square blanket I started a million years ago and lost interest in - these squares are multi-coloured! Take a peek:

OoOo! Is it ever fun mixing colours together and I love how the center of the square sort of looks like a flower. Plus it helps me burn through my yarn stash which is always a bonus right? Here's another peep at some of my favourite squares so far:

Yipee! Now to get some more of that off white yarn so I can finish up the project! Any guesses on what it will be?


  1. How many squares are you going to make? I am looking for a baby quilt pattern for Jeff and Irafel's (spelling?) baby I want cute but not too hard. I will have to keep on looking.

  2. I know what it is, but won't spoil the surprise... :)


  3. love!!!! Great colors! they look great together!

  4. Is it a guess if you already know? MWAHAHAHAHA.

  5. Beautiful! My guess is a granny square bikini like this one: ;P

    1. Kelly, sorry to disappoint - but you couldn't PAY me to wear a bikini. Somethings (like my bum) are meant to stay concealed :)

  6. a long long scarf? a pretty blanket? a giant granny square bunny?!!

  7. Very pretty! I guess a granny square teapot cosy ^_^