Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Find: Greenlight Goods

It isn't often that I put paintings up on my Friday Finds, but when I saw this amazing avocado oil painting in an etsy treasury my felt brooch was featured in (link), I fell in love! Just look at the texture and colour in there:

I am in awe! I love how Robert catches the light and realism in his piece it practically makes my mouth water! I also really enjoy the asymmetry with the pit and think this would be an amazing addition to any kitchen. It also reaffirms the fact that I really want to visit Portland since everything I have seen and heard from that place is pure gold. Yup. Time to add that to the life to do list! What do you think? What is your favourite type of painting?


  1. I thought that it was a real! It is a wonderful work of art. Mom

  2. I'm always drawn to watercolours, though I love the vivid colours of oil or acrylic. Also, I love airplane kitties and graphic novel superhero art. And supervillains! Interesting that you asked this question today, as I'm just about to (attempt to) write an artist's statement for Neal since he's entering a photo of his in a "Man" art show at the local gallery and doesn't like doing things like writing artist's statements.

  3. That's a wonderful painting. I especially like the reflected color from the pit of the avocado onto the green part. Very cool