Sunday, July 1, 2012

Amanita July!

Hooray! We've made it to July and it is time for the weather to turn summery (take that as a threat Mother Nature - I'm losing patience!), and we have an entire month of sunshine-y goodness! It also means it's time for a new printable calendar here on the blog and since I've been all about the amantias as of late - how about a nice bright mushroom themed one for the month! Yay!

you can download me here!

Just like last months, I made this baby using the My Memories software and I am totally loving how simple it is to use! I was a little sad I couldn't alter a few of the colours (in case you weren't aware - I am very choosey when it comes to colours, my parents even call me "the colour police!"), but since summer is in full swing I opted to keep the bright yellows in there to suit the season! Yeah! Also similar to our yarn-filled June printable, this baby is perfectly sized for printing, cutting, and displaying in a CD jewel case:

Ack! Looks like I didn't update that DIY to match the month, but I've been busy busy busy crafting away and figured the instructions were just too good to change (no, laziness wasn't in play here...hehe...). I hope you enjoy the smiling mushroom for the month and hopefully the calendar will even help you plan out your month!

As for my July, Fraser and I have a boat full of visitors coming all month long! Whew, I'm sure time will fly faster than ever and I'm hoping to be able to get out (slopped in sunscreen of course) and enjoy some summer heat! Heck - we may even join in the festivities downtown today and help bring in Canada Day! Do I work at 5am tomorrow morning? Yes. Will that stop me? Heck no! Happy birthday Canada! What do you have planned for July?


  1. I *love* the jewel case display idea, and this printable is gorgeous- thanks! I'm glad I've found your blog :)

  2. Ooh that is super duper cute, and very cheery which will hopefully match my July - I have a festival, a 30th birthday party, a weekend away and two weeks off work for crafting. Hurray for July! Jen x

  3. Hmm, I think that I have a boatload of visitors coming for July... :) Should be a lot of fun!