Sunday, July 8, 2012

Breaking In Sunday

For some reason breaking in shoes has come up in conversation a few times over the last week and when I saw this simple break in method on the Coffee, Light and Sweet blog I thought it might be useful to some of you too!

The image pretty much sums it up - throw some socks on, slip on the shoes you want to break in, and blow dry/heat up any potentially problem spots! Tada! Sounds excellent if you ask me, but I'm yet to try it out before swearing by this. I find it particularly useful this time of year since although many of my flats don't bother me for the other tights friendly months of the year but throw some heat swollen bare feets in there and ay, there's the rub (yes, that was a terrible Hamlet reference...). Oy. I figure if this doesn't work I can always do the "ziplock bags full of water in your shoes and then throwing them in the freezer" thing (I'm sure that's the technique name right?) to do a little flat summer stretching, but the promise of a 5 minute trick is a bit more appealing! Here's to a blister free summer! How do you break in your shoes? Any tricks for us?

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  1. My friend in elementary school used to swear by having his dad run over his shoes with the pickup truck to soften things up. Did a bit if damage to the shoes though...