Sunday, July 22, 2012

Market Sunday - again...

I sure hope today's forecast calls for sunshine and sales because I am heading back to the Bastion Square Market from 11 - 4 today for another day of vending! I've been crafting away all week to restock for the market and even made a handful of special "thanks for reading by blog" gifts for any readers who stop by! Aren't they dear?


Okay, so they might just be spare mismatched buttons I had left over - but the thought is endearing right? And I do very much appreciate all my blog readers (even if I've only met a few of you) so I figure it is nice to show my thanks! I'll be giving them out all summer long (while supplies last)! Yay! So when you see this...


...remember to let me know you're a blog reader! Wish me luck today! I'll be back soon to spill the details on how my new items and display pieces went!


  1. good luck!! I wish I was closer so I could come!!!

  2. It is going to be sunny tomorrow!

  3. I wish I could come and visit you! Good luck ^_^

  4. Any chance you'll be doing Market Sunday on the August Long Weekend?