Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh oh it's magic!

Between craft shows this week I decided to make a few more magic wands.  I originally made them on a whim last year and although the little kids of Kamloops seemed to love their colours and little smiles, the kiddos of Victoria don't seem too interested. Okay, that isn't quite true - the children may adore them but their parents (and the all important money holders) don't seem very stoked on my carefully crafted creations. I also realized that almost the star shaped wands were the first snapped up last summer followed by the flowers. Apparently pink and purple hearts (my personal fave as a kid) aren't a big draw these days so stars and flowers it is! Check out the newbies:

Yay! Aren't they a happy bunch? Let's see a close up:

Aww - what a sweetie! Oh! And gender neutral to boot! Let's hope next time a bunch of kids lay their eyes on my mason jar of wands are especially good at convincing their parents to buy them things! Haha! What do you think?


  1. Oh they are so adorable! I love them!


  2. They are totally cute! My favourite is the green and yellow star ^_^

  3. They're too wonderful! Absolutely the cutest...