Thursday, July 26, 2012

whip out that circle punch (again)

Remember how you read that post I did a few days back on making art using a circle punch (link) and promptly ran out to pick one up? Well good news! Here's another amazingly fun project to use that punch with! Look at those colourful scaly tiles:


Yup, looks like the creators at the "you are my fave" blog have come up with one interesting, eye catching, and ultra easy project!  I really like how inexpensive this one is (like most tutorials I blog about) and think that one of these plus some matching throw pillows would be a great way to create a fresh and instant new colour scheme for a room! Oh! Maybe you could modge podge the scales down and put some lettering over top for a neat "home sweet home" type sign - or even throw a name on there and hang it on the door of your kid's room! Ah! So inspiring! What do you think? Should I grab the supplies and make an extra girly one to hang on our new roommate Jim's door this fall? Nothing says, "welcome home!" quite like a bright pink girly name sign...


  1. That looks so cool! Simple but super effective!


  2. Why am I so in love with everything made out of paint chips? In fact, why am I in love with paint chips, period??? These are awesome. Are we going to make them when I come to visit? Have you prepared an itinerary? I promise we'll let you know when we're coming, and it will be no earlier than the day after tomorrow!