Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jurrasic Frames

Whether you are new to the blog or not, you should know by now how much I love plastic dinosaur crafts! Nothing like a little prehistoric molded plastic to perk up your decor scheme and these awesome picture holders from "ideas to live the DIY life" are no exception (link):


Aren't they just lovely? I like the idea of using one as a note holder by the front door or maybe even use a chubby dino as a spot to hold your grocery list? Sounds like fun to me! 

Maybe Leslie and I will even find time to do a little dinosaur crafting while she visits me for the next few days! She's arriving today with Neal and baby Jean and despite my work and craft show schedule I'm sure we'll have time to fit some fun in there! Wish me luck at the market today and happy Sunday!


  1. I love them so much! They're so adorable!


  2. That's such a clever use for them! Good luck at the market! ^_^

  3. Let's do crafting tomorrow! We can make earrings in the afternoon. Yours can even be dinosaurs!