Monday, July 23, 2012

BSSM Recap - vol ii

My second run at vending at the Bastion Square Sunday Market has come and gone and I've officially decided that wind is way worse than rain. Give me some nice old misty rain any day and leave those disastrous gusts at home!  Other than the weather - the show went pretty well! I set up on the other side of the street this time around and decided to mirror image my tables and display to match! Take a peek:

Yay! I love how bright and cheery my booth looks and the newly laminated cream price signs worked perfectly! In fact - Fraser bought me my very own laminater as and early bday present and I am thrilled to bits with it! Woo woo lamination!!! 

I also had a few new items to throw in the mix this time around including some fabric button earrings to replace the candy studs that got ruined in the rain last week. They really fit in with the wooden earrings and filled up the bulletin board nicely:


In case you weren't aware of how awesome Fraser is (which, you really should know by now) he was kind enough to make me some awesome T-shaped stands for my wooden pendants! They were much easier to see on the new display and fit in perfectly with the table:


It also conveniently freed up my tall jewelry tree that I put my glass tile necklaces on! So much better!

As a final touch, I made a nice bouquet of felt mustaches this week and boy am I ever happy I did! They were a huge hit with a few ladies and I sold a good handful! They even went wondering around the market posing with them that just seemed to pull the customers my way! How lovely!

To please Sarra, Fraser took a picture of me showing off my outfit (sort of) and hair I whipped up for the show. Hooray for 100% jersey cotton, kate made accessories, tights, and a bun! It may sound silly, but I haven't had long hair since 1991 and since my mom was my hair stylist then I never really learned how to put up long hair. Check out that non-pony tail (and silly facial expression):

Fraser once again saved the day by holding down the tent during the huge wind storm! Oh how I was praying for a nice day (we even played the sun song from Zelda)! Rats. No luck. The forecast called for storms, bits of rain, and big winds and that is what we got. Fraser wins the "best, most patient helper ever" award this week! Thanks sweets!

After our battle with the elements, we've decided to make some giant weights this week to prepare for the next market and try to brainstorm a few ideas on how to wind-proof my booth. The bulletin board of earrings was one of the most frustrating pieces since a gust would flick all the earring cards all over and while I scrambled to recover them the rest of the table would fall apart. Our crafty neighbour Ann suggested putting elastics at the end of the nails which I think would be an awesome idea if I can find some that will fit. I also figure I just need to hide some weights in the tea cozies and use some extra tape to deal with the rest. Hmm...good thing I've got a week to figure it out. What do you think? Any tips on combating wind?


  1. What about using large metal washers to weigh down your smaller items on your table? You could even cover them with the same types of fabrics you use in your crafts?
    And then, when they catch peoples' eyes, you could sell them as pattern weights for sewing!

  2. what about silly putty on the pin heads?

  3. If you have access to water at the market, try 5 gallon buckets full of water for tent weights. It's easy to haul empty buckets with you and fill them up there, and you can water a tree with them when you are done. I work at an art center and we often do demos at markets and festivals like this and that is our best invention yet. I have also stitched things down to my tablecloth like the bases of jewelry stands etc. Use thick embroidery thread and just snip it away when it is time to pack up. It's enough to keep things from totally tipping over, especially if you have nice thick tablecloths.
    -- Becka

  4. I love your bunting - and those T-stands look fab! ^_^ As for the wind ... maybe tablecloth weights could help a bit with your covered tables?

  5. Maybe just use actual thumbtacks for the earrings rather than the nails? I made a jewelery display for my room and just painted the thumbtacks and added some buttons on the ends :)

    Looks like you had a fun day anyways though!

  6. Your set up looks awesome! I am so jelly of those necklace stands! :) I have mine tacked to a board and like you said, the board blows over all the time!