Thursday, July 19, 2012

mystery plants

After my epic fail of outdoor gardening in Kamloops, I have been trying much harder to master my hand at patio gardens this summer in Victoria! We have two lovely big plant boxes on either edge of our deck and although my attempts at seeds have failed out there, the lavender I planted last year seems to be surviving and since Fraser has been religiously watering we've even got some thriving mystery plants! It is very possible that they will turn out to be weeds, but since I have no clue what they are I thought I'd throw some pictures up to see if any of you are pro-botanists! Let's take a peek shall we:

Yup, I certainly have no clue what that plant is! I even found a few bulbs when I was planting the lavender (which you can see peeping in from the side in that last picture) and they seem to have turned into those big heart/lily shaped leaves hiding under mystery plant number one. To add to the guessing fun it seems that the mysterious greenery is coming in symmetrically on both sides of the planter making me think they were at some point intentional. Let's take another look (this time with labeling)

Any of you gardeners out there have a clue what these are? Inquiring minds would love to know! If not, I guess I will pray for blooms and hope that can help me with identification! In the meantime - hooray for greenery! Happy Thursday!


  1. I don't know what they are - but I did drag and drop your photos into Google Search Images to see if anything came up.
    I got a lot of sort-similar hits to asian-type melons, but it was hard to tell what they were.
    Perhaps if you take a picture of just one of the leaves, and then plop that into search images, you'll have better success?
    I'm almost through the Google!Power!Searching! course, and that was one of the tips I've learnt - the first time I've used in in real life.

  2. I'll ask my mom tonight. Plant number two looks like a squash/gourd type deal.

  3. the big one looks like "elephant ear" but my husband and i can't figure out the other one

  4. I'm reasonably sure the big one is an elephant ear. It's definitely not a gourd or squash-they have serrated leaves.
    You might find this site useful