Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Heart Stash Grows!

Remember those fabric covered heart pins I made back in June? No? (here's a link to refresh you!) Well I made a bunch more to sell at my craft booth! Yay! Take a peek:

Hooray! Such a nice use for all my Smoking Lily (and other) fabric scraps! Here is my personal fave:

Woo hoo! What a fun collection of pins! Since I am busy having fun with Sarra and Hetty and their visit here - I think I will leave this post nice, short, and sweet! Aha! Another picture:

I'm still working on figuring out pricing (since they are quite labor and time intensive) but am aiming for the $8 to $12 range perhaps? Hmm... What do you think?


  1. Ooh, these are so, so cute! I'm afraid I can't help you with pricing since I know next to nothing about dollars but I hope they sell like hot cakes!


  2. Love these...I would say keep them under ten.