Monday, July 9, 2012

Pendant Preparations

Good news! In a mere six days I will be vending at the Bastion Square Sunday Market in downtown Victoria! I am all aflutter with excitement and am trying desperately to organize myself before the weekend. I haven't done a single craft show since the move in the fall and have loads of work to do before I'll be ready to set up and sell! I've been working my fingers off for the last few weeks preparing goodies for shows and am excited to include some wooden pendants at my booth:

Yay! They are quite the time consuming picky project to take on, but after many months of working on these, I've come up with 14 one of a kind(ish) pendants. Take a peek:

and just in case you weren't sold on side one of those babies, they're reversible! Hooray! Two looks in one! Take a looksie at their reverse sides:

Yipee! I love mixing up paint colours and putting different combinations and patterns together. Then all I had to do was string them up on some waxed cotton cords and add them to my other wooden acorn and mushroom pendants! Don't they just look darling with an Instagram photo filter? 

I'm still not totally set on pricing yet (since they ended up taking me countless hours of crafty labor) or exactly how I'll set them up at my booth! Minor details at this point since I'm more concerned with stocking up on some of my staple items and making sure I have proper signage and another table cloth! Whew! Maybe you can lend a hand with these beauts and give me your thoughts! What do you think I should sell them for?


  1. They are so gorgeous. I don't know how to advise you on pricing, because I don't know what time and materials you used, but they are clearly unique and worth a decent price!

  2. These are gorgeous , and it is hard to advise on pricing without knowing more about what went into them, but I think the fact that they are hand painted will mean people can appreciate what has gone into them, and will pay a fair price. Jen x

  3. They look great! Number five is my favourite ^_^ I don't know how long it took you to make them, but I think maybe $40 would be a good price? It really depends on the labour costs though!

  4. I like number 12. As for pricing...I'm not sure, but I bet Sarra would know. I want to say small ones around 24 and bigger ones closer to 28?


  5. yeah, then if you are selling them together with the acorns/shrooms, make one of those 18 to pull people in, the other 22, and the painted ones 24 and 28? Sarra and Hetty will know. Any Fraser too, he is the most logical one out of us.