Thursday, July 5, 2012

Somebody Tasty!

Life has caught up with me recently and I haven't been scheduling blog posts ahead of time like I usually do.  Instead I've been throwing together posts with whatever is currently tickling my fancy the night before and hoping it is somewhat entertaining to you lovely blog readers out there! Today is yet another one of those posts and when searching for silly dinosaur crafts I came across this (which isn't actually a craft at all...and just an image...):

Oh my! The lovely illustrated works of Gemma Correll never fail to disappoint! I love following her on instagram and seeing what silly (and marvelously entertaining) things she comes up with next! Strangely enough it turns out that she drew the "who invited the herbivore" tshirt I oogled over yesterday! How about that?  Funny how I don't seem to put things together and after seeing it was her print - I totally recognize that charming drawing style. Oh what a small dinosaur loving world! Any thoughts? Eaten anyone tasty lately?


  1. More dinosaurs! You could totally be a dinosaur blog!



  2. Super cute! I like Gemma's stylish handwriting too! ^_^