Tuesday, July 3, 2012

stripey owls!

Everyone needs some homemade chubby little owls in their life! Well, I figure as much, and when I came across these wee knit friends on Ravelry I fell in love (link)! Oh look at those knit owl poufs:


Looks like the perfect opportunity to test out my limited knitting skills - and leaves me with little pals!  Oh those furry yarn ears, three stitch feets, and big button eyes are just so darling! As soon as fall hits, this one is certainly on my "to make" list. I think these owls would be just great stung up in a nice wintery shop display, or since I am shop-less, perhaps just strung up in the house (say, the kitchen, front patio window, or open doorway?) Hmm. I've got a few months before sweater season comes back and I need to decide. What do you think? Which owl pouf do you like best? 


  1. I am a fan of the green owl with the pink eyes!

  2. Oh, they are the cutest little things! I like the green and pink stripy one the best.



  3. They are really cute! I love the grey, red, and black one with the wooden eyes ^_^

  4. So cute! Usually I would say stripey, but I can't resist the ones with the zig zag pattern on. What a cute little project! Though I could see these ending up as cat toys if I made one! Jen x

  5. I'd love to add you on Ravelry - do you have an account there??