Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ACEO-X 3.0

I'm so thrilled to be participating in ulixis' "art cards, editions & originals" (ACEO) exchange (version 3) and am really happy with the card I came up with! Since there was no theme this time (last time it was autumn - check out my last ACEO here), I decided I'd go with a springy/summery item I particularly enjoy drawing - mushrooms! But no wide set eye smiles here, I went on a completely non-sharpie approach and did some charming amanitas with pointillism. Behold:

I hope my exchange partner likes it! And I am a little curious what the other participants came up with (specifically which one I end up with - oh the anticipation)! This exchange will officially bring up my art card collection to a solid two cards, which is far from making one of my collections blog posts! Ulixis on the other hand just did a post showing off her solid amount of aceo's and you can even spot mine in there from aceo-x 2.0:

Do you see it? It does have some pretty cute little anthropomorphic acorns! You can read/see her entire collection here if you're interested too! I'm hoping the $1.25 store restocks their card plastic holder things soon so I can start a binder of my very own! Because clearly I need to start collecting more things...I mean I don't even have a collections post this week! Gasp!


  1. ooooh NICE! i LOVE pointillism!

    I just made my ACEO yesterday - another goddess of course. i can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

  2. The picture doesn't show off the beauty of your acorn card and its many levels of paper. Mom

  3. Your card really shows up my little thing.

  4. Oh MAN! I'm so glad you posted this because I totally forgot about the exchange! I'd better get on this! Since I'm finished work at school, but still have to spend 6 hours a day there until June 30th, I should have plenty of time this week to get 'er done.

    PS. I think this qualifies as a 'collection' post, even though it's not technically your collection.

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