Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All the features!

So I've been meaning to do a post about all the great treasuries I've been featured in for a few days now and since I unfortunately brought dead camera batteries (for the second time) with me on my weekend at the lake, there is no better time than now! Apparently robot treasuries are all the rage:

1) Love Robot Pocket Mirror (link to treasury). I am also in love with the robot buddy charm also shown in this one! Cute!

2) Love Robot Pocket Mirror! Again! (link to treasury). Yay! Double featured!

3) Love Robot Pinback Buttons (link to treasury). Wow robots are a popular crafting item...

4) E.coli Plush & Microbe Pinback Buttons (link to treasury)! Extra fond of this one. Not only did I make it in there twice, but it's nice to see a nice sampling of bacteria on etsy too!

5) Blog feature of my Famous Scientist Buttons! (link)! Go Physics!

and finally...

6) Customer appreciation photo by Arixtstix! (link) I love to hear when people love their purchases from me and simply adore seeing photos! Thanks Alix!!!

*Whew!* I'm so flattered! Thanks everyone for featuring me and next time I'll try to bring charged batteries with me when I go away so I can give you better blog posts! The baby bunnies I didn't get a picture of where SUPER cute! You'll have to trust me...


  1. Babies bunnies are ALWAYS super cute! I love baby goats too. Well, baby everything. Speaking of babies, how is your line of baby geekery coming along??? :)

    Nice work. It's always good to be recognized for your awesomeness.

  2. Hurray for Kate! You deserve all the nice comments! Where was I this morning that I missed this post? Mom