Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bizarre Bazarre - vol. I

My very first Bizarre Bazaar has come and passed and as promised I'm writing a nice recap of the day's events for you! It started off with a lovely "17 degrees and thunder showers" forecast daunting over the day but that didn't discourage me! Or percy for that matter...I think he really wanted to come too:

Too bad bubba! I know your evil kitty ways would drive everyone away so you get to stay home!

Once I got to the old court house, I received the lovely news that the city double booked the event so we were forced to set up outside since the inside had a weaving workshop going on. So outside it is! Rain or not! And if it gets really awful we would be allowed to pack up early. Time to get setting up! I'm also officially the overachiever since I was the first person there (by a 1.5 hours in some cases) and the very first person to be set up! Hooray for organization! Check out my table:

I'm really pleased with how my booth turned out and am especially fond of the laminated cardboard pennant flag sign I made (hooray for Urban Source supplies)! I also like how my eyes are definitely closed in the only picture I got of myself (I'm so photogenic). I'm hoping once the weather gets nicer I'll be able to put together some cute summery outfits to wear on thursdays, but 17 and rain apparently = threadless t-shirt, $6 superstore jeans, and a clothing swapped (formerly jacqui's) teal hoodie. Oh! A few other items I'd like to draw attention to include my finally completed veggie totes (not yet in my shop - not sure when they'll make it there even...) and framed thumbs up yeti display card! Yay!

I'd also like to say a well deserved "thanks!" to my sneaky helper fraser:

He may have spent a chunk of the day at the comic book store, but he was great enough to lift heavy things and get me lunch! I also got the pleasure of seeing wendy AND my mom who stopped by to check things out! Thanks ladies! And the weather even perked up for a while! Take a peek at the lower level lantern making tents:

Awesome! As for sales at the event - it was pretty a pretty slow day but I'm told it is sure to pick up in july/august. I did however get the pleasure of selling 2 plush microbes, multiple fabric rings, and 9 button sets! Speaking of buttons - I think I need to put a little note/sign on my button display cork board telling people I have boat loads of buttons under the table for them since at both shows I've done button buyers are a little confused on how that works. Any suggestions?

Oh and the day ended with a crazy wind storm, packing up a half hour early, and getting home just before the rain! Hurrah! Thanks for co-operating weather. I hope you're extra kind next week! Wish me luck!


  1. Is the orange stuff on the edge of the tent yours, or did it come with the tent? It looks cool (and matches your hair)!

    Hmm. How about, "Boat-loads of buttons beneath! Buy bountifully!" or ""Display only, but I have LOTS of sets of each prepackaged for your convenience"?

  2. Le Gasp! I was unaware this was happening. I will have to come take a look next weekend. And i like the "Boat-loads of buttons beneath! Buy bountifully!" Alliteration makes me happy.

  3. Me too! Alliteration is Awesome!

  4. "Boat-loads of buttons beneath! Buy bountifully, and bring buddies to bedeck in badges!" perhaps?

    (I also like alliteration.)

  5. They are all crazy. Mom just home from Vancouver. We couldn't find the $2 store, and we looked and looked. Mom

  6. oh, stupid career getting in the way of supporting your craft...dang!