Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ACEO-X Signup time!

Because it is uber fun to participate I thought I'd campaign for ulixis' wonderful ACEO-X she's holding on her blog! What is that you ask? Well it's a super fun "art cards, editions & originals" (ACEO) exchange challenge! The gist of this challenge is to create an art card (2.5" x 3.5") that you'll eventually send to a random participant and in return you get someone else's art! Hurrah!

If you recall, I did her last challenge in october and came up with this (linkeroo!). Since I'm all about the random mail and any chance to experiment with small scale art/craft projects I joined up and am so stoked about the exchange that I'm posting this in attempt to stir interest in some of my not-so-closet crafty friends (who I all hope are reading my blog religiously - you know who you are). Everyone's welcome and you don't need an etsy site or anything so challenge yourself and sign up! You all know that getting non-bill/spam related mail is pure awesome and hey, it could be fun. Was that convincing enough? Hope so - you've only got until the 12th to join...


  1. I just might do this one...might...now that I have random crap waiting to be turned into glorious creations...all those bins...That could have been another blog post! I guess the lure of the stamps and switch plates were too great for rational photo taking.

  2. Urban Source was certainly not a rational moment in my blogging life!

  3. I swear I took you to Urban Source once. I MUST have...