Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun with Sharpies!

Thanks to some pro-star link action from how about orange I came across these great sharpie illustrated ziplocks from bablisme:

Boy these are cute! And super useful to boot! I really like how she just used blue, black, and red markers and although she confessed to only having those colours of pens, I think it totally works. I want to sketch up all my reusable baggies for a little added touch of fun to life! Hurrah!


  1. yeah nesting dolls! Awesome.

  2. O. M. F. G. !!! (That's right! I wrote in INTERNET SLANG I'm so excited). For some reason I now want to do sharpie on clear for my ACEO-X art card! Those are like the RADDEST THINGS EVER!!!

    It's like shrinky-dinks only they don't get all distorted and opaque!

    Seriously. That is way more exciting than I thought it would be. I wish I sold stuff so I had an excuse to draw on bags.

  3. I love the little mock envelope one!

    I think I will start doing this with my lunch bag(s) so I will be less inclined to throw them out. >.> <.<

  4. Once again you found a wonderful site, if only I could draw like you do. Mom

  5. Oh gee, those are awesome! I want to draw on ziplock bags now too!