Sunday, June 6, 2010

The ultimate in cool...

Apparently I had so much eventful fun in vancouver I felt the need to turn it into an additional blog post (two actually - wait for tomorrow!). Not only was our hotel conveniently located by Canada Post (for all my pen pal posting needs) it was also right across the street from the CBC! And after a childhood of 94.1 (CBC Radio 1 in kamloops) how could I possibly hold in my excitement! It is even an interesting triangle-esque building too:

Oh my! How lovely! And to add to the amazingness? They have a gift shop! We didn't make it there until day 3 of our mini break but boy was it worth it. What a charming selection of CBC logo adorn goods and a super friendly staff member to top it off. I didn't want to post what I ended up picking up (since it is a present for a blog reader and I'm not for ruining the surprise) but I was super stoked on the freebie CBC Radio 3 post cards they threw in! Eee! Take a peek:

I especially enjoy the Darwin reference. What could be better? Seriously! CBCR3 + Science + Post! Super cool! But does get better. Remember the gold cbc logo pin I purchased a while back from their website? (Link) Very snazzy and fancy but not quite the bold simplistic pinback one dan mangan has - so lindsay asked - and we received:

Eeee! Now that is awesome! I am pretty sure putting one of these pins on makes me officially the coolest person in kamloops. Okay, perhaps not, but I'd like to think so...and it end one heck of a sweet road trip on a high note! Hooray!


  1. Good thing you went with someone brave who would ask things like that! Think of the regrets if you'd been too shy!

    Those postcards are pretty rad. I now know what you can do with you life -- work at the CBC (which, I must point out, it is odd that you capitalize CBC but not names of people or places. Terribly inconsistent! CBC Radio 3 IS a name. I say, if you're going for the "no caps" style, you've got to go all the way).

    PS. Is the present for me, or Mom?

  2. I received one of the CBC buttons! I'll add it to my scientific culture pins on my jacket. Thanks Kate. Mom

  3. one of the highlights during the Olympics was pinning a few of those bad boys onto our jackets as we sauntered in the sunshine. Glad you had a great mini-break!