Thursday, June 24, 2010

Non Bon Voyage...

Today I was supposed to be getting up bright and early to road trip to the wonders of northern british columbia. Instead that trip has been postponed to a time when my sister is not working and I have a little more money on hand! Instead I get the spend the week trying a new cocktail of prescription drugs to fix my many ailments (less fun) which apparently will make me feel quite ill while I get used to them (much less fun). So instead of a seven day vacation I get a "non-bon-voyage" and thought I'd share this image:

If you aren't familiar with bent objects I totally recommend a nice long browse at terry's work. He works wonders with a few everyday objects and a little bent wire. He's even got a book of his wonderful creations! Hurrah!

As for me - I've decided to make the best of the week and have wild plans to de-clutter my life (aka my room)! I've got the garbage bags on hand to "trash", "donate", and "future clothing swap" and am getting ready to do an extreme purge! Also, since I'm not signed up for the bizarre bazaar this week (since I was supposed to be out of town), I think I'll try to get some crafting done so I am prepared for the busy crafty sales of the summer months. If the weather perks up I might even spend a few days out at the lake too. Either way, this week off will (hopefully) not go to waste! Any ideas on anything else I should fit in?


  1. Cute hat, do you know where he is going? Mom

  2. Suggestions:

    1. Make me some baby things.
    2. Make me a surprise ball.
    3. Box up things and label them with prices for a garage sale.
    4. Rejoice because I am getting a new cellphone and will have a new number. Rejoice!
    5. Engage in a Battle Royale with Percy, aka El Gato Diablo.
    6. Get excited for an email from me filled with pictures of the statues around Smithers. Don't get excited until the weekend though.
    7. Make bran muffins for Mom. You owe her, I'm sure.
    8. Start a new line of baby geekery.
    9. Fill out the Etsy survey and win an iPad.
    10. Get a haircut and pedicure. Tell Fraser that it's traditional for the boyfriend to pay for such things. He'll fall for it.

    Oh, and write up a bunch of blog posts ahead of time, so that when you actually come visit me, you don't have to worry about blogging! Maybe they could be on how cute babies are. They're really cute, you know.

  3. I'm a big fan of sleeping. I suggest that. (And I'm going to do that right now, actually.)