Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surprise Balls!

Here is one DIY I am dying to try out! They are called "surprise balls" and are basically a whole bunch of little presents wrapped into a giant ball with crepe paper! Seems simple enough right?

Not Martha has a lovely tutorial explaining how to whip them up too! And they link to a whole bunch of other surprise ball sites for even more ideas - and educational info! Did you know that they date back to early Native American culture and were re-popularized in the 1950's being marketed as "they toy you destroy to enjoy"? Cool!

I think I need to start collecting little trinket-y items so I can make some of these! Actually - I'd really like to get a bunch of interested friends together and have a surprise ball exchange! Say we all spend $8 or so on them and pass them out? Sounds like a great summer bbq party idea! Potentially involving dressing up and delicious vegetable protein! Any takers?


  1. I make these all the time for my niece & nephews (age 3-12) - they LOVE them! they get super excited when i bring them up & make a huge mess with all the streamers. i usually just hit the dollar store for small, flat-ish toys, candies, etc - loonies & temp tattoos are always a hit.
    pretty sure i've blogged about them before - wanted to make a tutorial up, but never got around to it. :P

  2. I'm in! SO in!

  3. I am sure Percy would love one.... maybe not as I would have to clean up after he had his fun. Mom

  4. I think Mom wrapped a present for my Brownies Christmas exchange that was once. I'm down with the exchange -- do it in the summer when I'm around!

    PS This blog post title makes me think of "Suga Lumps" by FOTC. Just sayin'...

  5. i'll be there.


  6. What a fantastic idea! I got one of these from my grandmother as a kid- it's one of the few toys I still remember. It was full of all kinds of treats!

    Would this exchange be For Science?:D