Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Collected: Bracelets

The next installation on my collections segment showcases my fear of an unadorned wrist! Nothing like a bracelet to add a little personality to an outfit! I seem to purchase these a little more infrequently but they certainly have been a worth while investment. Heck - some of those cuffs are going on 6 years old. That must work out to about 20 cents a wear! Wow! What a deal! Take a look:

Even a few etsy purchased ones in there (i.e. ponder and stitch and holly hawk). Actually, after closer inspection I now realize that a good 50% of them have been purchased with lindsay, followed by at least 30% leslie. Not too shabby girls! Looks like you're both more influential to my pocket book than previously thought! Here's to investment jewelry! Any thoughts?


  1. Very nice collection! I just purchased a big bangle and I love it :)

  2. Nice! I haven't bought any jewelery in FOREVER. In fact, pretty much since I moved away from Funk It and On the Rock. I miss those stores so much... However, we will get to go to Homework in Prince Rupert this summer! Woot!