Monday, June 14, 2010

Is that a mirror in your pocket?

After much anticipation my pocket mirrors are complete! Hurrah! Now you can have the glorious freedom to carry scientific culture wide-set eye smile goodness around with you and be able to see if you have anything in your teeth! How fantastic. Let's take a peek shall we:

Yay! They turned out perfectly! I figure I'd start out with 25 - 5 for my shop (I still need to take some pictures of them before posting them) and 20 to sell at the Bizarre Bazaar every thursday! Then I can see how popular they are (and which designs for that matter) before making any more. I also made some charming felt cases for them so they don't get scratched - in a variety of felt colours!

I must say that picture turned out much better than I had anticipated and I love the rainbow of choices! And speaking of things I love...catch a glimpse of my favourite pocket mirror popping out of his case:

Thumbs up for pocket mirrors! And 25 potentially hot selling items! Yay!


  1. Oooh! I love felt cut with pinking-shears! Those cases do look delightful! I can hardly wait for my free samples! I hope they are big sellers, too! I can't imagine that they won't be, since they're both economically priced and high quality.