Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jumping for June!

June has arrived! With its lovely presence we also get a new blog soundtrack (to be updated when I get back from vancouver later this week - be patient) and a new kittens inspired by kittens calendar page! Hooray!

This month I have the exciting plans of fraser's 30th bday, a dentist checkup, multiple doctors appointments, potential crafting, enjoying the glorious summery weather, and a trip to smithers to see my sis! Sweet! What great things does june promise you?


  1. June sounds great to me. The first task on my list is to (wait for it!) turn the page over on my calenders. There I turn over the calendar in my sewing/computer/gigantic mess room. It's a cat calendar too, this month is an orange sleeping cat. Mom

  2. END OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! And then a year off! Yay!