Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cork Canister

As soon as I saw this lovely tutorial from paper n stitch I couldn't resist sharing it with you! Nothing beats multitasking storage solutions! Take a look at these cork canisters:

Great to use as cute little cacti pots (perfect for mom), pencil and pen storage (good for teachers like les), and as vases (perfect for flower receivers like me)! Awesome! They have loads of neat pictures of these canisters in action on their site too. All you need are old empty tins, a little spray paint, a dab of glue and some cork. Couldn't be easier. Unless someone else makes them for you...hint hint...


  1. Those are super cute! What are sold empty tins? I want some so I can start making containers to keep my crap in!

  2. Leslie, you are losing your mind! There aren't any sold empty tins in this blog. Mom