Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Collected: Necklace

When I decided to do this set of collections blog posts I figured it might be interesting to share my obsessions with random things (pinback buttons, bracelets, music, etc). I didn't realize how insane it might make me seem. Especially when it comes to today's topic - necklaces. Seriously - who has such an intense investment in accessories? Answer = me. So I think I'll start off my display with a few necklaces I was given:

Oh that and I really liked how that picture turned out. I didn't realize how difficult capturing my entire collection would be, so I paired down the selection to "just chained necklaces" for simplicities sake. My bolder necklaces are all neatly organized in neat little clear baggies on the shelf by my mirror and don't get the pleasure of being displayed on a jewelery stand (or stands for that matter). Take a peek at my plethora of shiny wonders:

Lovely! Let's take one closer look for any detail lovers:

Most of these pieces are from one of three places - etsy, salmon arm, or shopping with leslie. Actually come to think of it, my sister could very well have a bigger collection than me! What do you think les? Do I need to do more shopping?


  1. I think your collection may actually be larger than mine, but then again, I haven't got mine displayed the way you do, so it's hard to tell.

    Obviously we need to go accessory shopping at HomeWork in Prince Rupert. Yay!

  2. I know Leslie! I can't wait for Homework!!!