Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Collected: Clutch

The next round of my collections posts involves an item that is relatively new to my wardrobe - the clutch! Nothing like women and handbags to feed into a stereotype. My clutch collecting started only about two years ago when I made the red/pink polka dot pleated bag (followed by the light blue one) for some event that I was wearing a dress to. I quickly realized how amazingly handy the clutch bag is and how it adds a little pop to an outfit without being worn down with crap loads of stuff I tend to carry around in my purse. Perfect for the special (or not too special) event and a great item to purchase on etsy! Take a look at my current collection:

How lovely! This group actually just experienced an increase in size after I purchased a noteworthy four new bags on my vancouver trip last week. Yowza! I'm hoping they will all be nice additions to my "wants to wear skirts and dresses" more often summer. Now we just need that rain to go away and get some hot skirt worthy weather! Hurrah!


  1. Strange, I have never wanted a clutch. I have to carry (or want to carry) more junk in my purse than what would fit in a clutch.. Now I am not sure if I need it all but it is in there, just in case. Mom

  2. I like clutches, I guess. But I like jewelery more. And baby clothes from Threadless! You should see how cute the Dandelions one is! Maybe I should start trolling etsy for baby things.

  3. Love your collection and I too have one.. I just don't use them...? Don't ask hehe