Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tweedy Pinecones

Okay - so I know it isn't friday, but I saw these on craftzine the other day and really wanted to share them with you. Plus I am on vacation so it's like everyday is friday! (for me...) So let's take a look at lilfishstudio's amazing use of felt and wool to create some lovely tree inspired goodies:

How cool is that? Non-spikey pinecones made from reclaimed wool. Lisa Jordan is so crafty! And if you're anti-tweed why not take a gander at a lovely rainbow of felted acorns:

She even has sets with copper and gold little acorn hats! I think these would look fantastic in a bowl on the coffee table....but then percy would probably eat them...well...I still think they're cute....


  1. Some people sure put a lot of effort into their crafts! Just like you. Mom

  2. Those acorns are super cute. I really like them. I wonder if she fills them with potpourri for her underwear drawer?