Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Find: Nervous System

Thank you suggested shops of etsy for pointing out the wonderful science related goodness of Nervous System! It is actually quite the interesting shop that uses computational programming to create complex designs inspired by nature and then turn them into jewelry for you! Yay! Take a look at some of their goods:

I love how amazingly intricate they are and how each piece tells a story about the wonder and awesomeness of science! The pieces above are inspired from a whole range of biological sources including botanty (leaf vein earrings, algal bloom necklace), invertebrate (radiolaria protozoa rings), and immunology (dendrite brooch)! Man science is cool!


  1. I like the brooch best, but I don't wear much jewelery. Mom

  2. Very pretty. You should get that equipment to make that kind of stuff!