Saturday, July 31, 2010

Faux Gold Dinos

Paper n stitch - you've done it again! Way to create the most drool-worthy DIYs I always want to go out and attempt! I'm sure the amazing imagery has something to do with it. Check out these rad gold dinos:

It's a simple concept (painting plastic dinosaurs gold) but has that "I'm the coolest person around" touch to it I can't help but love. The tutorial suggests making these into necklaces, but I think the display mantelpiece idea is extra charming. And it wouldn't have to stop at dinos - you could gold coat some ungulates too? Perhaps some antlered beasts to perk up the new apartment of jacob, sarah, and jacqui? OoOoo...I smell a house warming gift!


  1. I would definitely prefer a gold Stegosaurus to that Bronto. Stegos rule! Also, gold cows have a certain je ne sais quoi...

    Furthermore, was that your light I saw on at 4am this morning. Burning the early am oil to get your blog posts written?

  2. Oh! Almost time for a new playlist!

  3. New playlist is on hiatus until my computer works again! Lappy here doesn't have my music on him. Oh dear!