Saturday, May 29, 2010

Craft Show Reminisce

When I started selling pinback buttons in my etsy shop many moons ago I wanted to come up with a cute card for them to arrive in. Since the cilliated bacillus is closest to my heart (and goes with the whole "scientific culture" theme), I decided he was going to be my best bet for packaging! After quite a few trial and error moments I've finally got the image where I'd like it, and if you've ever had the lovely pleasure of receiving a button or magnet set you should be familiar with this card:

The empty speech bubble lets me customize what happy little germ is saying depending on the buyers request (or he get's a standard "enjoy" note if not specified). Lovely! I'm really pleased with these little cards and as you can imagine, I wanted to continue this extra touch detail when I did my very first craft show back at the beginning of the month!

I decided against packaging up all my button sets since I had no clue what I'd sell (or how much I wouldn't sell) so I figured transferring this image onto paper bags would be a great option and solve any packaging issues I might come across during the craft sale. Since shoving 40 paper bags through my antique printer wasn't an option, fraser (and his B.F.A skills) came to my rescue by carving me my very own set of lino stamps! Hurrah! So after a little trial and error (yet again - seems to be the crafting theme), flipping the images on the computer, and a little skill, custom stamps were born! I am still super stoked on how cool they are so even though my craft show is well over, I wanted to share them with you anyways:

Even in mirror image they're cute! I can't wait to find a little extra time to practice making some stamps on my own! And lucky for you I only ended up giving away one bag at the show leaving 39 prime specimens to photograph and blog about:

Yeah! At least I'll have my bag option all figured out for my next show (if I ever do one). In the mean time, I'll keep focusing on making more products to fill those bags up with. On with the crafting!


  1. I've really gotten into making my own stamps over the last 6 months or so. I use them on glass, cards and for the Peanut to play with. It's a great way to keep in touch with my Printmaking back ground too!

  2. That's an amazingly good idea. Customized little 'fancy' touches like that really help people remember who you are.

    I would add that if you're giving these away at Craft shows, you should add your website to the stamp, unless you're also giving out your cards (which, come to think of it, you probably are!).

  3. I love stamps. I wonder where I got that from? :) Very cute.

  4. I love the handcarved stamps - genius!
    I definitely thought the cards my buttons arrived on was delightful :)