Monday, August 1, 2011

August! Eep!

Looks like yet another new month is upon us and this one is going to be a busy one for me! First things off I'd like to give you all a tid-bit of advice. Even if you have been dying for a blog design update for ages, do not (under any circumstances) decide to start live redesigning (meaning making changed directly to your blog) late at night when you have to work early the next day. I had great aspirations to do some crazy streamlining and dramatic blog changes to kick off the month of August, but instead got much too tired and just did a few minor twinges. Here is an image of what my blog looked like yesterday for comparison:

Can you spot the changes? Yes, they are subtle....but I will hopefully get around to switching a few more things around (potentially more noticeable ones) as I find the time for it! What do you think so far? Any tips for me?

As for the rest of the month - it is a big one for me! This August includes:

1) Elliott Brood! (and a new playlist...which ironically doesn't include any of their music...)
2) An epic amount of appointments
3) Social activities galore
4) My last two Artisan's Square Markets
5) Potentially getting around to updating my blog more (emphasis on the potentially there)
6) My 27th (eep I'm getting old) bday (even my drivers license expires this year)
7) A new line of yarn illustrations for Caroline's new shop (hopefully)
8) Lots of fun and exciting new blog posts (including a few more "thanks for reading and commenting on my blog" giveaways)
9) A wonderful yoga/Lindsay day (finally)
10) Our big move to Victoria! Eek!

I'm exhausted even thinking about all the stuff I've got to get done this month! Whew! What does this month hold for you? Any tips on making my month less stressful?

Oh and before I forget - this week's blog appreciation badge goes to Marci of It's Always Something. I always enjoy reading her blog and seeing all her fun new (and often adorable) projects and since she was so loyal on commenting on loads of my posts from last week (and hasn't already won) I thought she'd be the perfect candidate for a prize! Hooray! Marci just send me your address and I'll get your gift in the mail! Hooray!


  1. Boo... I don't like it when you move away....

  2. I'm so excited for your move. As for blog advice... I like the old titles for the sidebars more - the handwritten nature of them looks more "kate" than the text you currently have.

    I'm also a fan of the darker blue as opposed to the light blue, simply because of the contrast between your white text area and your sidebars. Also, I'd put a thin black line border around your pink icon so there's a bit more contrast. But again, that's just me. :)

    Finally, I love your august playlist. That's probably my favourite playlist of yours you've ever put up, and almost all of those songs are songs I'm currently digging. ESPECIALLY "Sleep Awake", which has been on fairly frequently these days. Saxophone for the win!

  3. My plans for august are to hang out with you as much as possible. that is all.