Thursday, March 3, 2011

time for tea

I love tea - black, green, herbal - you name it. It is warm, delicious, and thirst quenching without a hefty price tag or calorie count. In fact, I think tea drinking has very quickly become my second most popular pass time (next to my frantic crafting for my kelowna show on the 25th/26th)! The other day I was enjoying my fourth pot when I got to thinking - I wonder how many people out there drink as much tea as I do. Loads of different cultures have long histories of tea drinking so the worlds consumption of tea has to be up there right? After some light research I found out that Turkey is the world's leader on tea drinking (who knew?) followed by the UK and Ireland. Canada is all the way down at number 23 on the list of top tea consumption countries per capita which is sort of interesting. Okay - perhaps I am of a select few that is so enthralled by tea data but you never know when your knowledge of tea might be tested! Heck it all else it is a good conversation topic/ice breaker right? Maybe? Plus tea gives me the wonderful excuse to continue on with my collection of mugs and coasters! Just look at how nice my newest cup/coaster combo is doing:

Mmm! Tea also gives me the opportunity to use the most wonderful tea cozy my sister knit for me:

Isn't it darling? If leslie substituted the white, green, and teal for orange and brown and put a pom pom on top of it then it would be a perfect replica of the one angela landsabury uses in bedknobs and broomsticks too! (If you don't believe me you'll have to watch the movie yourself - I can't find an image of it online). *Sigh* I might be stretching it a bit for that comparison but I do really like tea...and old disney movies. Plus tea cozies do a great job of keeping warmth in for your second cup. So what about you? What is your relationship with tea like?


  1. I don't have a relationship with tea as I rarely drink it. Coffee is even lower down the list as I have had one cup in my life and it was given to me without consulting me on if I wanted on or not! It was awful!! Part of the reason I don't drink coffee is because of my Mom. We were in England one time riding bike to see the sights and Mom didn't get a cup of coffee for a few days and she was climbing the walls. I didn't want to be addicted. Mom

  2. I always feel a little bit embarrassed to be British and not like tea. I really don't though. I think it smells funny. I've tried to like it, mostly so I could justify buyig pretty teapots and beautiful teacups. It just won't work!
    Also my friends always forget and ask me if I want a cup of tea and look with shock and horror when I remind them I don't like it.
    My best friend keeps squash at her house just for me coming round though which is pretty sweet.

  3. Oh this bastard blogger just deleted my awesome comment about how I offered to make you an orange and brown tea cozy but you picked teal instead. I luuuuurve tea and drink like 20 times more tea than coffee, though I do think Canada might be higher on the world's tea drinking chart if coffee were less popular. Maybe next time you can give us some coffee stats!

  4. Tea is delicious! I drink around two pots a day, sometimes more, which is probably a bit overboard. In fact, I just finished a pot of this dessert "toffee" tea that is nice and sweet.

  5. Hi! I'm a kinda-new reader (as in, I started reading a couple of weeks ago but am only now commenting ... I'm a bad commenter) from Australia and right now I am having my morning cup of tea ^_^
    I love tea and although I don't seem to craft much *for* it, tea is an essential part of the crafting process. When we do craft days the big teapot gets refilled many many times!
    You have a great blog & I really also like your coaster ^_^

    - Lisa