Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gold Tights Please!

Being a mostly easily influenced visual person, Pinterest (the website where you make internet pin boards of images) is beyond addicting for me. I spend most mornings flipping through the pages of drool-worthy projects and day dream about all the fun and interesting things I need to try! Whether it be a new delicious meal, fun DIY craft, budget decor or fashion idea I am hooked! Oh Pinterest - what did I do without you? Pinterest feeds into my obsessions with doilies, pom poms, mason jars, and chevron stripes and is very quickly convincing me that I need to get some gold tights! Just check out my favourite three pins showing them off:

Are you hooked? Don't they look amazing with navy and neutrals? Even though I'm a little frightened some yellow tights will make me look like I have jaundice (especially with my pale red-headed-ness), they do follow my "I love jewel tones" way of life and conveniently cover up my almost always bruised and cut up lower legs! Not sold yet? How about a few more images:

*Swoon!* Unfortunately my usual budget source for tights (go $2.95 pairs of Joe Fresh!) are not in stock for the summer months (darn that heat) and even if they were, they don't carry gold ones. I've tried finding some at other shops in town but no such luck yet! I almost resorted to online purchasing but my frugal ways just couldn't handle paying $12 shipping on $12 tights. Rats. Are you in love with gold tights too? No? Well...if you see some in your travels (especially comfy looking inexpensive ones for extra long legs) pick me up a pair. I promise I'll make it worth your while...


  1. I want the whole out fit from the first page. WANT!

  2. Girl, I hear you on the expensive tights pain. For better or worse, I have very long legs and I wear my tights hard, so I _need_ the expensive Dims, which always fit and last forever.
    Dim has gorgeous, gorgeous colours - both sheer and opaque. Calvin Kleins are good as well.
    You need to hook up with The Bay flyers, yo! That's how I afford my tights habit. They usually have a 50% off or BOGO free sale. But don't go to to THAT sale, wait until the next week (or sometimes the week after) and then go to the "further reductions" sale. I can usually get my pretties for less than $5 each! Whoop!
    It only happens about once a season, but TOTALLY worth the flyer spam the rest of the time...

    I'm wearing mauve Dim fishnets right now...sigh.

    Also, Winners clearance often has expensive tights for cheaper, especially the fancy Italian ones that come in crazy patterns and colours.

    I also heart the Pinterest, I'm doomed to constantly surf it now that there's an app for it...

  3. Hi Kate I am sure I am not a tights person. For all of my school life I had to were skirts and tights. Except for grade 12 and I had a weird silent protest of not wearing pants when we could wear them! (weird eh!)

  4. I like tights, but I'm not crazy about the yellow ones. I think I'm getting a mustard/jaundice vibe from them. They'd probably look good if they were very opaque, so you couldn't see any skin texture through them. I prefer to stick to crazy colours that are darker.

    What about looking at American Apparel?

  5. I'm afraid for my self-control (or lack thereof) if I join pinterest :) Love the tights!