Sunday, December 19, 2010


After reading AJ the Purple's blog post yesterday morning I came to the a scary realization - there is less than a week before xmas! Eep! And with such little time left I also realized that I only really have one day off work where I can prepare for the big day! (Double eep!) So instead of breaking into panic I've decided I should just focus on all the awesome things that have been going on lately instead and worry about the preparations later. Sounds like the perfect plan right? Good! Let's go!

Awesome thing #1: I managed to wrap my gift exchange present! I certainly hoped I was going to pull that one off (especially since the exchange was last night) and I sort of drew inspiration from yesterday's blog post. Check out yarn and doily wrapped present:

A little bit of a doily overload under that tree of mine but who can say no to a good doily? (Answer = clearly not me) If I had a little more time to put it together I'm sure it would have been slightly more impressive (and probably include a few pom poms) but I am pleased with how it turned out! Hopefully it was a hit at the party too!

Awesome thing #2: Joel Plaskett is following me on twitter! This seriously made my day on friday! Next step? Sway him into purchasing something of mine from etsy and have celebrity exposure! Forget photoshopping Dan Mangan...Joel could do it for free!

Awesome thing #3: Xmas cards! One of the best things about this time of year is all the mail you get! I've acquired some xmas gems too, take a peek:

Awesome thing #4: Blooming xmas cactus! After a disappointing relocation of bob (my ficus - since apparently they can't handle cold bursts of air and shouldn't be by doors) I was so happy to see that my cactus is doing well! So pretty:

Hooray! Fun awesome things! Now to stay calm and frantically make it through the rest of the holiday alive! How is your xmas preparation coming along?


  1. This is great! I love the doily present!! This was a much needed post for me today. I've been so stressed out about all the changes and crazy stuff I have going on these days so a break to remember the little things is awesome! Thanks! AJ always knows how to make me smile at the exact moment I need it, too. :)

  2. Congrats on the celebrity following! The christmas cactus is very pretty. I have no green thumb. I think I killed our christmas tree... it was so thirsty when I got there...

  3. You think you have a lot to do. I have a mountain of things on my to-do list! Today we are going to Dads to get a Christmas tree, and I have to trust your Dad to pick it out! The suspense will be high. Mom

  4. Preparations? That's what Friday next week is for! HAHAHA :) You're willing to drive me to superstore to get stocking fillers, right?