Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Henry

To my delight my wonderful sister gave me an early birthday present while she is in town visiting! Luckily I've even managed to not kill off my first three terrariums I made so I was thrilled to welcome a fourth to the pack! Leslie found a giant glass jar, wrapped it in a big green bow, and brought me my new fly eating pal - Henry! Fraser snagged me some moss from his parents house and after a little transplanting I've got a whole new exciting plant to take care of:

Isn't he sweet? I've even read up on how to care for venus fly traps and am super stoked for my new plant pet! Check out Henry from a side view:

So far he seems to be doing well and has enjoyed the bugs I've fed him too! I'm not totally sure how I will manage to get treats for him come winter/apartment living but I figure I might be able to raise a few fruit flies. What do you think? Have you ever successfully had a venus fly trap?

Oh and to stick with my terrarium trend - I added a nice little dinosaur in there to keep Henry company. I think my little collection is looking pretty awesome too:

What do you think? Any terrarium tips for me?


  1. Yes I have but it was many moons ago. Plus I was living in Richmond and the air was moister then here. Maybe your move to Victoria will help Henry grow because of the moist environment.

  2. Hello Henry! You can feed him little bits of meat in lieu of bugs in the winter, that's what my brother did.

  3. Hi! I´ve never done a terrarium, but i really like yours, henry is beautifull and the dinosaur idea is pretty cool(:
    I really like your blog btw.
    And speaking of the Nyan Cat :p Here´s a version I think you´ll like in case you havent seen this one yet(:​=AaEmCFiNqP0&feature=related

    have a nice sunday(:

    Carmila ponycat

  4. awesome gift!!

  5. I didn't realize how huge that jar really is! He looks great. Maybe you could feed him meal worms from a pet store over the winter? I'll bet that Victoria is so mild that you could find bugs all year round. Just go to the UVic dorms and grab some silverfish!